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Blame It On the Song pt. 1/ ????

Blame it on the Song

Pairing: Mirandy, others later on (:
Spoilers: the movie I guess..... It's 2 years after
disclaimer: Okay if I owned them. That movie would have NEVER ended 
that way -_- waiting to win lotto 649 so I can remake it.
AN my first attempt at writing so.... Please try not be toooo harsh on 
AN2 unbetaed all mistakes are mine :)
AN3 for all of you who know me. You know I'm IN LOVE with cookies (:

Miranda sat on the corner of her bed staring out the window. Normally 
her daughter’s music annoyed her to no end but today Cassidy had played 
a song that had buried itself deep into her heart. Contrary to 
almost everybody who knew Miranda she did actually have a live beating 
honest to god not frozen heart.

The lyrics replayed in her head as she watched the night sky,

'can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting 
stars? I could really use a wish right now'

Miranda found herself softly singing the chorus to herself, so 
absorbed in her thoughts she didn't hear the door to her bedroom open. 
She jumped when Cassidy hugged her from behind.

"Mum what's wrong?"

It was only with her daughters question did Miranda realize she had 
tears streaming down her face.

“Nothing bobbsie. Please go back to bed"

She knew that it was a long shot but still sighed when her daughter 
only tightened her hug. Miranda felt another set of arms effulge her, 
it always unnerved her at how well her girls knew her. Also the twin 
telepathy they shared seemed to be getting stronger.

Caroline spoke for the first time. “Mum. We want you to be happy. 
Screw the world. Keep wishing but don’t leave it to fate. Do what you 
have to do to get her back okay? "

Her. The brunette that had haunted her dreams for three years now. How 
had her girls known? She hadn't said anything or even mentioned....

"She misses you too you know." Miranda snapped out of her inner debate 
at Cassidy's words.

“She talks about her job and then suddenly trails off and gets really 
quiet. We didn't notice at first but it's always when something 
reminded her of you."

"She always asks how you are though"

Miranda couldn't even tell which of her twins was talking. She didn't 
know how to react so instead she slipped into Runway Miranda.

"And who exactly are you girls talking to behind my back?"

Cassidy and Caroline released their mother and exchanged a glance. 
They knew that she was stubborn but enough was enough.

"Mum," Caroline started "stop right now."
Cassidy continued, "Don’t go all runway on us, it won't work. We have 
your best interests in heart but GOD" Caroline took over “you are as 
stubborn as a mule!"

Miranda only rose her eyebrow "If you two are quite done get back to 
bed. That is all girls."

Caroline and Cassidy shared an incredulous glance and retreated to 
Cassidy's bedroom to plot.

Okayyy so this is my first fiction. Please tell me what you think! I 
want to use a couple different songs to move with the plot. That is. 
If you think this is worth continuing.... -_-
Letme know Kay??

Tags: andrea sachs, blame it on the song, miranda pristley, mirandy

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