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The darkness

The Darkness

Pairing: Callie and Arizona
Spoilers: unless you've never seen the show...... Nope:)
disclaimer: if I owned them. They would have the house ad the kids and the chickens. And they would live on hbo. Just sayin. 
Rating: uhhhhhhhh PG 13???? idk.... There's no sex. Or swearing. Wait a minute I wrote something without sex or swearing???? Wow holy fuuuuuu-dgecicles. Nice save. It's pretty twisted though!!!
AN my first attempt at writting so.... Please trot be toooo harsh on me
AN2 unbetaed all mistakes are mine :) 


I'm all alone. Not in the sense that there no one around. There is really NO ONE. I'm alone. In the dark. And there's all these things swirling around me. I can't see them but I hear them. Taunting me. Fearless because they know.
They know I'm alone. They know that there's no one to come and pick up the pieces that I'm breaking into. 

They know all because they are the secrets that are tearing me apart.

 I can feel it the slow pain of my heart breaking while my soul quakes. Alone is not something I can do, it terrifies me. 

The taunting secrets are pulling me slowly in every direction. "you could have saved them" one taunts while another throws "he did it because of you. Because you never saved him.". 

It's all my fault. They're gone because of me. I turn my head to the sky and cry out  the pain is overwhelming and I don't know how to stop it. I fall to my knees and begin to shake as the sobs overtake my body. 

Two words run through my mind as if they are a playlist set on repeat. 'your fault. Your fault. Your fault. '. 

I watch in horror as the pictures float in front of me.  It's him before..... Before you..... Before I  let him go  

It changes. Now it's her, her shoulders shaking with the silent sobs she doesn't want you to hear. 

 Then the next picture. Four kids facing off with their father. Telling him off for the life he's chosen.  

I sigh because though I  can only see the pictures. Though the secrets  voices still taunt me. I know what these are. 

The times I  should have helped. 

The picture changes again. I gasp, suprised to see myself, my fourteen yearold self, standing with a small blanket wrapped around myself crying to the sky, praying for guidance. Hoping for a silent hand to pull me out of the dark hole that had consumed my mind. There had been a time. I had faith. Or at least hope that I  was strong enough. That I  could get through whatever. I was supergirl. I could do anything. 

Anything but save them.
Tags: angst, callie and arizona, calzone, greys anatomy

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