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Blame it on the Song pt. 4/???



Pairing: Mirandy, others later on (:
Spoilers: the movie I guess..... It's 2 years after
Rating: erhm… pg…. FOR NOW I think….. 
Beta(s): My cookies go to: quiethearted Who started this whole fiasco. ocaptnmycaptn Red actually scares me now… ;)annnd abina2810 who like me has a love for sneak peeks (:
NOW everyone needs to give these three MADDDD props. This wouldn’t be the same without them (:
disclaimer: Okay if I owned them. That movie would have NEVER ended 
that way -_- waiting to win lotto 649 so I can remake it.

AN okay so I go this idea from a book I read…. I don’t remember what book it was though……. I’ll tell you why after. I refuse to ruin the surprise.
Andy smiled. If this was actually going to be her last day with the twins, she was going to make sure it was at least productive. “So, have you two picked out the painting yet?”
Caroline and Cassidy snapped out of their daydreams and looked to Andy. “We did.” Cassidy said, offering no further explanation.

Andy just shook her head and stood gesturing to the door “You two are ready then?” with a nod the three headed out through the main lobby of the Met and into the hustle of NYC. They turned and started towards Central Park.

“So, what painting did you decide on?” Andy was curious. There were a few paintings she had admired but, none had stood out in her mind.
“Now Andy, you wouldn’t want to ruin your surprise now, would you?” Caroline said with mischief in her voice. Andy just rolled her eyes as they continued on. As the girls skipped ahead Andy marveled at the difference two years had made.
“But, Andy! It’s a subway! There could be like, GERMS!” A thirteen year old Cassidy said having a minor panic attack as the descended the stairs.
“Well it’s either this or walking the last 35 blocks, because I’m sure not paying for a cab in this city. Take your pick Cassidy.”
Andy laughed softly, after that she had no issues with getting the girls around New York. 
They made it into Central Park and the girls sprinted to the fountain. They both threw a penny in and settled down on the bench. 
“Alright you two, ready to go?” Andy said as she sat beside them. The twins nodded and Cassidy pulled chalk out of her Gucci messenger bag. The twins cleared a small area in front of the fountain and both began look at a picture on Caroline’s Blackberry. Cassidy pulled out her Iphone and started her music. 
After a few minutes Cassidy came and sat beside Andy. Caroline always did the basic background and Cassidy would finish the details. 
“Andy, you don’t think, well, you don’t think that there’s something wrong with mum do you?” Cassidy said softly after a few minutes of watching Caroline. 
“What do to you mean Cass?” Andy had been wondering the same thing, but Cassidy would know better, wouldn’t she?
“Well, she let us stay home from school. With you, and no offence but I’m pretty sure your name isn’t even allowed to be mentioned in Runway without someone being fired. And she just, let us stay with you. No muss, no fuss. She just gave you a time to have us home by. So again, do you think there’s something wrong with mum?” Andy pondered for a second. She was, in all reality, baffled as to why Miranda had allowed the girls to stay home from school with her. 
Andy studied her hands as she said, “I’m not sure Cassidy. Your mother has reasons for everything and, you know as well as I do, she wont explain unless necessary.”
Cassidy sighed. “Yeah your right I guess, but Andy, could you maybe talk to her tonight? See if she is okay?” 
Andy looked up from her hands. “Cass, your mom probably won’t even want to SEE me, let alone have me ask about her wellbeing and checking up on her.”
Cassidy just sighed and shook her head; she stood up leaving Andy to her thoughts. 
Andy was lost in thought until Caroline came and sat down at her feet. Andy absently started to play with her hair as she went back to thoughts of Miranda. She really hoped that Miranda wouldn’t stop her from spending time with the girls but if that’s what Miranda wanted, well Andy wouldn’t go against her wishes but she sure as hell would try and find a way to stay in contact. She thought of the twins as family, especially ever since her mother had… Andy shook her head, she wasn’t going there. Not today.
“Andy. Could you please, please just try and talk to her? Something hasn’t been right with her for awhile.” Caroline paused, debating whether or not to tell Andy about Miranda’s breakdown the previous night. Finally she decided, but before she could begin to talk Cassidy stood off and dusted her True Religion jeans off. After giving Andy a thumbs up she pulled the sign out and placed it beside the chalk masterpiece. 
Andy stood and took it in. A smile came over her face, “Starry Night girls really? It’s beautiful, as always.” The twins beamed and sat down beside the sign. 
All donations will be given to the NYC child protection services. 
Andy thought back to the day the girls had come to her with the idea.
“Andy, could you take us to Central Park?” Caroline asked without as much as a ‘hello’ when Andy picked up the phone. 
“Uh, sure I guess, why though Caroline?” Andy had been heading towards her apartment but pulled a full 180 and continued on as in nothing had happened.
“You remember Hunter? You know, the kid that was coming to our school on a full scholarship, the one that we hung out with because Ellie was being totally mean to her?”
“Yeah I know Hunter.” Andy had a sinking feeling, Hunter was from a not so good side of town.
“Well she had this idea,” Andy let out a sigh of relief, the girls and Hunter had grown close and it would kill them if anything had happened to her. 
“You recreate a famous painting with chalk” Caroline explained
Cassidy took over, “And set out a hat so people can donate if they want. Then we choose somewhere for the donations to go.” 
Andy thought over it for a minute. “Sure, why not? Where were you two thinking of donating the money?”
“Well, we sorta thought that because it was Hunter’s idea we could donate it to the NYC Child Protection services, cause well they’re the reason we know Hunter right?” Cassidy said hesitating.
Andy smile at the girls “I think it’s a wonderful idea. Let’s go!”
It had become almost tradition that the three of them would come to Central park at least once a month. Over the course of the year they had been doing this they had donated close to two-thousand dollars to the NCYCPS. Andy was so proud of the girls; they were nothing like the picture Emily had painted while Andy was at Runway. 
Somehow the afternoon had passed by and before Andy knew it, it was 6:30 and the girls were asking about dinner. 
“What were you two thinking? What’s the poison tonight?”
Caroline and Cassidy looked at each other silently communicating 
“STREET MEAT!” they suddenly exclaimed. Andy started to laugh and turned towards Times Square. 
“Street meat it is then. Common I think Joe had a new type of ice cream that we can try.
After the three finished their dinner Andy looked at her watch and sighed. The girls looked up to her. 
“It’s time isn’t it?” Caroline asked. Andy just nodded, tears filling her eyes. 
“I love you two you know that right?” Andy said as she started to softly cry. “Nothing will ever change that. Nothing.” 
The twins wrapped their arms around Andy and they stood together like that for what could have been minutes or hours until Cassidy pulled away. 
“Were off to see the dragon, the scary dragon of New York…” With this the three started to laugh.
They set off, hand in hand to face the music.

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