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Blame it on the Song pt 3/???

Pairing: Mirandy, others later on (:
Spoilers: the movie I guess..... Its 2 years after
Rating: erhm… pg…. FOR NOW I think….. 
Beta(s): My cookies go to: quiethearted Who started this whole fiasco. And helped me ALMOST overcome my fear of red by giving me blue (: ocaptnmycaptn Who seriously enjoys the colour red -_- annnd abina2810 who like me has a love for sneek peeks (:
NOW everyone needs to give these three MADDDD props. This wouldn’t be the same without them (:
disclaimer: Okay if I owned them. That movie would have NEVER ended 
that way -_- waiting to win lotto 649 so I can remake it.
AN Alright loves, here is part two. YES I actually kept writing. I’m scared. There was A LOT of red to get through -_- BUT my beta’s are amazing so……
Without further distracti….. LOOK A SHINY THING!!!
Fine I wont try it again just click the stupid ting :/
**note, so all three of my amazing beta’s looked at my original,
 I have made some changes so any mistakes are mine 
because well... I’m far to impatient to send it to them again. :/





Andy and the twins were currently sitting in a quite café attached to the Met. They had spent most of their morning walking through the museum and talking about anything and everything. As they sat drinking their lattes, the twins were deep in conversation about the medieval exhibit they had up. Andy gave her input a few times but mostly was lost in thought. Her mind drifted back to the first time the girls had called her after Paris.


Andy sat at her desk typing up the latest obituaries when her cell phone rang.


“Andy Sachs,” Andy answered.


“Andy? What happened?!”


“Excuse me? Who is this?” Andy was confused. Many things had happened(,) it was just a matter of who the caller was and what they were talking about.


“It’s Caroline(,) you ditz! Why didn’t you deliver the book this week? Cassidy and I went to say ‘hi’ last night and tell you about our writing projects and it was Emily with the Book. She nearly fainted when she saw us! WHERE ARE YOU?!”


Andy shook her head and sighed. After the Harry Potter incident the girls had come down almost every night to say hi and talk with Andy for a bit. Andy had accepted their apologies and they had moved forward.


“Uhm, well, I quit in Paris, Caroline. I work at the NY Mirror now.” Andy had never been one for hiding truths or giving out half stories.


“You quit.” Caroline repeated quietly.


Andy heard rustling in the background


“Andrea Sydney Sachs. What in the world do you mean by you quit!” Cassidy’s voice rang clear through the phone.


Andy sighed. “I mean that I no longer work for you mother.”


“But…. Did we do something? We thought that you cared about us.”


‘Oh boy,’ Andy thought. She knew how it felt to think that it was your fault someone left. She needed to put an end to this and fast.


 “Cassidy. Put me on speakerphone please?”


“Alright, hold on.” Her voice got faint as she held the phone away from her ear and pushed the button.


“You’re on.”


“You can both hear me?” After getting confirmation from both girls, Andy spoke.


“Nothing you girls did made me quit. I quit because I needed to move on. I promise you that no matter what, you two can call me or see me WHENEVER, okay?” Suddenly Andy had a thought. She shut down her computer and began speaking again.


“You’re not the reason Stephan’s leaving either. You know that right?”


Andy was met with quiet. She grabbed her coat and went towards her editor’s office.




Still nothing. She scribbled that there was a family emergency and she would be gone for the rest of the afternoon on a piece of paper and handed it to Greg. After getting a confirming nod she walked towards the elevators.


“Caroline. Cassidy. You are NOT the reason he left your mother. You did NOTHING. It’s between them and has NOTHING to do with you. Alright?”


Still the girls did not answer.


By this time Andy was on the street hailing a cab.




Andy climbed into the cab and gave him the address. Luckily the Mirror was only a two minute drive from the townhouse.


“Girls. Answer me.”


By this point Andy could here the quiet sobs coming from the twins. She paid the cabbie and sprinted up the stair and tried the door. It was locked. ‘Of course, damn it’. She began pounding on the door.


“Girls, answer the door please.” Andy heard quiet footsteps and then the door being unlocked. As soon as it opened, she pushed in and pulled the two sobbing red heads into her arms.


“Shh. Girls, please, you didn’t do anything. I promise. I stopped working for you mother that doesn’t mean I’m leaving you. And Stephan? Well it’s his loss now isn’t it? I mean seriously. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with you two?!”


The girls were still crying. Andy decided desperate measures needed to be taken.


“You two asked for it. Now, I gotta sing to ya, man.”She put on a fake Jamaican accent and began to sing.


““No women no cry,

 No women no cry.


Andy stroked Cassidy’s hairand squeezed Caroline tight as she continued,


Good friends we have had, oh good friends we've lost along the way
In this bright future you can't forget your past
So dry your tears I say

Andy placed a gentle kiss on both of the girl’s red curls


No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry
Oh my Little girls, don't she'd no tears
No woman, no cry

My feet is my only carriage
So I've got to push on through
But while I'm gone...

Cassidy sniffled her tears slowing as she snuggled closer into Andy

Everything's gonna be alright
Ev'rything's gonna be alright
Ev'rything's gonna be alright
Ev'rything's gonna be alright
Ev'rything's gonna be alright
Ev'rything's gonna be alright
Ev'rything's gonna be alright
Ev'rything's gonna be alright

Caroline smiled softly up at Andy,

No woman no cry, No woman no cry

Oh my Little darlin', don't she'd no tears
No woman no cry
Little sister, don't she'd no tears
No woman no cry”



As Andy finished, the twins smiled and wiped their eyes on their sleeves.


“Better?” Andy asked. The twins nodded their heads and gave Andy a big hug.


They spent the rest of the afternoon together and as Andy said her goodbyes she gave the twins a hug. And so began their time together.



Andy didn’t realize she had been humming until Cassidy began to sing along while Caroline tapped the beat out on the table. The three smiled and stopped singing.


“You do know that no matter what she says, your never getting rid of us right?” Caroline said softly while Cassidy nodded and continued humming ‘their song’


Andy had tears in her eyes as she softly replied, “I hope not darling. I sure hope not.”



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